1. Heavy duty delivery and discharge hose
The discharge hose is a flexible hose with welded-on flanges and clamping rings.
  • Inner lining is a compound of rubber designed for abrasion and tear resistance.
  • Reinforcement by multiple plies of high tensile cords embedded in layer of rubber compound.
  • Cover made from Compound highly resistant to sea water, weather and abrasion.
Dimension of dredging hoses:
ID (mm) Length (mm)
400 1900
450 2050
500 2250
550 2450
600 2600
650 2700

Suction and delivery hose:
A flexible hose for Connection between ladder and dredge pump on suction line of dredging operation.

Other sizes and lengths available on request.

  • Lining is designed from high abrasion resistant compound and tear.
  • Reinforcement with high tensile synthetic Cords and embedded steel rings suitable for full vacuum.
  • Cover is made of high resistant Compound to sea water, weather and abrasion.


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